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Life after Death, SpeakUp in Class Ed 282

Life after Death

Source: Speak Up
Language level: Upper intermediate
Speaker: Justin Ratcliff
Accent: British standard

For more info and before you starting to complete the exercise listen http://englishtips-self-taught.blogspot.com/2011/03/life-after-death.html then, do the exercise, any question, e-mail for carlosrn36@gmail.com 

Knife Crime – Disarming Britain (B1)


A – Before you start

Answer the questions with a partner.
1. Is knife crime a problem in your country or area?
2. Why do some people carry knives, in your opinion?
3. What would you do if you found out one of your friends was carrying a knife?

B – Read and answer

Read the main article and answer the questions.
1. Why was Operation Blunt launched?
2. What did it consist of?
3. What reason do many young people give for carrying a knife? Why is this ironic?
4. What do most anti-knife campaigners have in common?
5. What happened to many confiscated knives?
6. How did Anne Oakes-Odger’s son die?
7. What effect has Anne’s campaign had on the law?
8. Why is Oliver Hemsley’s campaign different from the other campaigns mentioned?

C – Listen and answer (Optional)

N.B. This interview is graded as B2. So don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult. Try to understand the main points.
Read these statements. Then listen to the interview with Ann Oakes Odger, without reading, and write T (true) or F (false).
1. Ann’s son Westley was knifed during a robbery at a cash machine.
2. Ann’s work has helped her face the death of her son.
3. The number of fatal knife crimes is still rising in London.
4. Ann says fear, drug-dealing and gang wars are all linked to the knife culture of young people.
5. Ann’s campaign began as a small local organisation.
6. She says this knife problem is unique to Britain.

D – Listen, read and check your answers

Listen to the interview while reading the text.(If you did Exercise C, check your answers while reading.)

E – Learn it! Use it!

Complete these sentences with words from the glossary. (You may have to adapt the expression in some way; e.g. change the verb form or change from plural to singular.)
1. Landmines are responsible for ________ and killing a number of civilians in the area.
2. Waste recycling is more efficient in some London ________ than in others.
3. The government needs to take measures to ________ the problem of unemployment.
4. The police are trying to contact a passer-by who ________ the accident.
5. The football match was stopped because fighting ________  ________ on the terraces.
6. Many young people start smoking as a result of ________  ________.
7. His story seemed incredible; ________ it was true.
8. The schoolgirl was suspended because of her offensive language; she often ________ at her schoolmates and teachers.

F – Ready for PET? (Paper 1, Writing: Part 1)

Complete the second sentence with 1 to 3 words so that it means the same as the first. (They are constructions used in the article.)
1. We have seen a rise in violent crime.
There _______________ a rise in violent crime.
2. Much of the work involves prevention.
Much of the work is _______________.
3. Alexander Rose is a good example.
Alexander Rose is a case ______________.
4. This was once a knife.
This _______________ be a knife.
5. There is less knife crime now.
Knife crime ________________ down.
6. They will lose that knife.
That knife _______________ from them.
7. Other countries started to make enquiries.
We _______________ enquiries from other countries.
8. We’re doing work that’s a yardstick for other countries.
_______________ we’re doing is a yardstick for other countries.

G – Talk about it 

In pairs or groups.
1. Do you think violence is increasing in today’s society? If so, why?
2. Violence among young people is often linked to gangs. Are there many gangs in your town or area?
3. Why do you think some young people form or join gangs?
4. What can be done to discourage young people from joining gangs?
5. Are parents to blame if their children become violent criminals?

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