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Lyrics Training, application to learning English

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It is not an English APP,  but, I use and recommend Lyrics Trining (link) , just download it for free through Google play, choose your English level and get started to practise English. But, please, don't forget to tell your friends about this tip and Blog. As well help to maintain the projeto Living and Learning donate using this link. Living and Learning is a brazilian social project. Just click and share it for friends. 

This is a helpful English tool, for more information, drop by HERE
Vakinha social project. https://www.vakinha.com.br/vaquinha/647507

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I recommend the Bob's Channel: A Fun Way to Learn 50 English Phrasal Verbs with Examples!

This is Bob, he is a native speaker English Teacher, his videos is really powerful, enjoyable and it is a funny way in order to learn a real English. Watch and subscribe, just thumbs up and share it for friends. 

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Manythings.org I recommend it!

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One of the most difficult for English Learners (Non-native English speakers) is improve their English. Today's topic, I'm blogging about Many Things. ORG you are dealing with quizzes, podcasts, texts, songs, among others powerful tips. Don't forget to like our FAN PAGE, sharing it and pass it on for friends. Let's learn English, speak powerfuly. Dedication and motivation is the key of success. 

Check it out Many Things

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English experts, excellent website

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Hello everyone, how's your English improvements? Today's topic is about a great website, ENGLISH EXPERTS. There you'll find a lots of tips in order to practice and improve your English. For sure is an English site in develop for Professor Donay, for more information, acess Here 

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English tips: Lyrics by Just the Way You Ar/Bruno Mars

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Hello everyone, this is one of my favorite website, English Exercises provides for you a special method of English lyrics. This one is about Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. There are a lots of Engish tips for English and Teachers. Just acess the link HERE

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Espresso English: 10 English Phrasal Verbs About Socializing

For more information, please visit the website and getting started to learn a real English Course, just drop by HERE

Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course

Ask (Someone) Over

If you ask someone over, you invite the person to your house or apartment:
“My roommates and I are going to ask our English teacher over for lunch.”

Ask (Someone) Out

If you ask someone out, you invite the person to go out for a romantic encounter:
“Bill asked me out, but I turned him down (said no). He’s just not my type.”

Come Over

When a person comes over, they arrive at your house or apartment:
“Why don’t you come over to my place after class? We can work on the project together.”

Bring Over

To bring something over is to bring an object to the other person’s house or apartment:
“I’ll bring over my DVD collection so that we can watch some movies.”

Have (Someone) Over

Have over is the general word for having people visit your house/apartment:
“We’re having about 15 people over for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Pop In / Stop In / Stop By

These phrasal verbs mean to enter a place for a short period of time:
“I just stopped by to say hi – I need to go in about ten minutes.”

Drop In

Drop in means to visit unexpectedly:
“My sister always drops in while I’m in the middle of doing something important. I wish she’d call me before she came over.”

Drop (Someone) Off

Drop off is when you take somebody in your car and then leave them in another place:
“I’m going to drop my husband off at the airport. He’s traveling to London.”

Pick (Someone) Up

Pick up is the opposite of “drop off.” If you pick someone up, you go drive to a place and get someone into your car. Remember that you drop someone off at a place, and you pick someone up from a place.
“My husband returns from London on Thursday – I’ll pick him up from the airport around noon.”

Meet Up With (Someone)

To meet up with someone is to get together at a particular time and place:
“I’m going to meet up with some friends at the bar at 8:30.”

Bonus Idiom: “Take A Rain Check”

“We’re going to play basketball tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to join us?”
I’ll have to take a rain check – my boyfriend and I are going to see a concert. Maybe another time!”
“I’ll take a rain check” is a response to a social invitation if you can’t go, but you hope the person asks you again in the future.

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Espresso English: 100 commons errors in English!

This is one of the great Teacher of English, Vanessa Oliveira manager Espresso English and today's topic, she explained how to avoid common mistakes. Continue reading, don't forget to promote it on your social media, telling to friends about the special content. 

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